GenesisCare, global leader in cancer treatments, and AnatGe, a leading manufacturer of SBRT (Sterotactic Body Radiation Therapy) systems, have reached an agreement to increase the development of SBRT techniques in GenesisCare centers in Spain. GenesisCare has a presence in Europe, Australia and the United States. Specifically, in Spain it has 21 oncology centers and, under the agreement recently signed with AnatGe, 11 of them will soon have the SBRT System, eXaCradle. eXaCradle, is the only stereotactic SBRT system that allows the application of the Multidampening technique. This technique consists of customizing the compression, which is usually performed in SBRT, but adapting it to the location and movement of the tumor. In this way, significant reductions in the volumes to be irradiated are achieved, so more effective treatments can be applied. The Multidampeing technique is not only suitable for lung lesions, but also allows the efficient and simple approach to liver, pancreas or adrenal lesions, among other locations. In addition, as part of the agreement, GenesisCare and AnatGe have agreed to collaborate in the joint development of new techniques and innovative solutions in radiation oncology, which enhance and improve the treatment of cancer patients.

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