We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a strategic agreement with ALCARE CO., Ltd. Effective from March, 2022, ALCARE has appointed AnatGe as the sole distributor in Spain and as the preferential distributor in Europe for Moldcare, the unique water activated immobilization cushions for radiotherapy treatments developed by ALCARE.

We are confident that our partnership with ALCARE will provide our customers with the best solution for accurate patient immobilization in radiotherapy treatments. Currently, the use of Moldcare with our immobilization devices has allowed us to deliver to the market state of the art solutions for patient immobilization. In fact, the combination of our SBRT device (eXaCradle) with Moldcare has made eXaCradle the system with the largest implementation in Spain, with more than 70 units installed.

ALCARE’s was founded in 1955 and the company was prompted by the development of Japan’s first plaster bandage. Ever since, Alcare pursues to build a healthy society offering wide health and welfare services for all as a company that creates the Best Care. The company is engaged sincerely with the needs and hopes of medical professionals and patients and delivered many products to satisfy them. Based on the company’s success in developing products with superior support and immobilizing capabilities, ALCARE developed Moldcare, a patient immobilizing device for radiotherapy.

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